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The division of your retirement benefits is a critical part of your property settlement and happens to be our specialty. Our team handles each case with care, skill and sensitivity deserving of the seriousness of divorce and financial concerns surrounding retirement assets. Having assisted countless individuals with every type of retirement plan imaginable in every work sector, we are keenly aware of the issues, concerns and options available in each case. It is this well rounded knowledge of our clientele and the retirement plans that they present to us that enables us to apply our deep understanding of the law in a clear, practical and sometimes creative manner.

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Specializing in the division of retirement plan benefits requires so much more than preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Our firm is deeply committed to the serving all of our client’s needs in this unique field from valuing defined contribution plans and IRAs, offering expert testimony, providing retirement distribution and tax planning, litigating, and of course drafting and processing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and similar orders that divide retirement plan assets.

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